Top 5 Online MBA Acquisitions Programs : Accredited Rankings

Online MBA in Acquisitions

This MBA is a two-year graduate program designed to provide students with thorough training in business administration and leadership with a specialized focus on acquisitions. When they’re finished, students will be ideally poised to take up positions in acquisitions at businesses and corporations in a variety of industries. The advantage of the online program is that you can log in to all of your MBA acquisitions courses from your home computer without ever having to come to campus.

What Does an MBA in Acquisitions Cover?

An online MBA in acquisitions is a rigorous program that requires a commitment of two years of full-time graduate work. However, some students opt for more intensive programs that they can complete in a shorter amount of time, and others take longer to finish the program by choosing to go to school part-time. Students in this type of program will receive comprehensive business education, with instruction in organizational leadership, financial accounting, management strategies, group dynamics, communication and conflict resolution, as well as the legal and ethical components of the business.

Courses in an online acquisitions MBA program start out foundational, bridging students from their undergraduate to their graduate work. From there, students move on to complete their core work. In addition to this, students must complete three to five courses pertaining directly to acquisitions to fulfil the acquisitions specialization requirement. Such classes might include government acquisition, drafting and submitting business strategies and proposals, and government contract law. The number of credit hours you must complete in an online acquisitions MBA will vary from program to program, but you can expect to complete at least 54.

The highlight of a good MBA in acquisitions programs is a capstone project, in which you apply what you learned in the classroom to a real-world situation. Some programs require or encourage an internship during which students demonstrate their newly acquired skills in an actual workplace. Still, other programs require both qualitative and quantitative research into effective business practices in acquisitions.

Online MBA in Acquisitions
Online MBA in Acquisitions

Getting Into an Acquisitions MBA Program

As with most master’s degree programs, those interested in applying for admission into an acquisitions MBA program should have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. The bachelor’s degree does not need to have been earned in the business field, but all applicants should possess basic business and mathematical knowledge. For this reason, those who did not earn their undergraduate degree in business or a related field should take certain classes before applying, such as:

  • College Algebra
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Foundations of Business Management

A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.5 is typically necessary for entry into acquisitions MBA programs, such as with Jones International University. JIU does not require any other documents, aside from an official transcript and completed application form, but all applicants should check with their prospective schools to ensure that nothing else is needed, as some institutions may also require letters of recommendation or GMAT scores.

Why Should I Get an AACSB Accredited Acquisitions MBA?

Individuals who want to complete their MBA in acquisitions online should make sure that their program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB). The AACSB is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to advancing quality management education and serves as an accreditor for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs in business and accounting. Accreditation gives you a reasonable assurance of the quality of your degree program as well as ensuring that you are not paying money to a degree mill that will give you easy classes in exchange for a worthless diploma.

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Who Should Pursue an Acquisitions MBA?

The types of people who should consider enrolling in accredited online MBA acquisitions programs are business professionals who want to move up in their current line of work or career changers who want to move into business. Although most MBA online acquisitions programs prefer applicants who have at least one to two years of business experience, there are some programs that welcome people who want to transition to the business world after working in another field entirely, such as teaching. Another reason to consider enrolling in an online acquisitions MBA program is that even though it includes a specialization, you still receive a generalist education in business administration, which makes your degree versatile in the job market. This means you are not limited to acquisitions; you can qualify for a variety of careers in the business realm, including in finance, banking and marketing. The fact that you have completed a hands-on internship or capstone project shows employers that you are ready to hit the ground running, making you even more marketable to hiring managers.

What Jobs Can an MBA Acquisitions Online Get Me?

  • Financial Manager: A financial manager’s primary job duties are dependent upon the industry or organizations he or she is working for. Financial managers have a significant impact on mergers or any global expansion that is related to financing. They help minimize risk while maximizing profits.
  • Acquisitions Manager: Acquisition managers assist an organization with increasing revenues in a region or country. Their primary goal is to help bring in new customers. These managers are typically very familiar with the marketing aspect of business as well as what is being distributed by their companies’ competitors.
  • Financial Analyst: Firms rely on financial analysts to provide them with strong guidance—particularly on wise decisions when it comes to investing. They follow the performance of stocks, bonds, commodities and other investments that a company may be interested in pursuing. A large number of analysts work for banks and big insurance companies. Well-trained financial analysts can offer organizations comfort in times of uncertainty. As they analyze an organization’s financial situation, they can then make a recommendation that could be promising for their company. These recommendations are based on set costs, expenses and profit margins.

Top Earning Industries for Jobs

Financial Manager:

  • Manufacturing and Distribution: $58,958-$105,142
  • Information Technology Services: $76,000-$142,000

Acquisitions Manager:

  • Financial Services: $44,764-$92,602
  • Health Care: $54,617-$72,790

Financial Analyst:

  • Investment Banking: $44,279-$66,259
  • Information Technology Services: $44,446-$61,824

How Do I Find Online Acquisitions MBA Programs?

A good place to start looking for acquisitions MBA schools online is the AACSB website. If you let your cursor rest over the “accreditation” tab, the site will allow you to click on “accredited institutions” to browse a full list of such schools. From here you can begin your search into each school and narrow down the ones that offer online programs, further narrowing your search to online programs with specializations or concentrations in acquisitions. For rankings, check out:

  • U.S. News & World Report
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Financial Times
  • The Economist

online mba in mergers and acquisitions has compiled a useful top 10 list of online MBA programs that you can look at to see which has a solid focus on acquisitions. You can also search the Online Education Database for a ranking of online schools, which you can examine further to see which schools offer MBA programs with a specialization in acquisitions. The Online Education Database uses such metrics as retention and graduation rates as well as student to faculty ratio to gauge the quality of each school.

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