Online MBA: Getting into a Program Without GMAT

online mba no gmat

While for years the GMAT has been a staple in the MBA application process, there are more and more business schools, many of which are top ranked, that beginning to lighten up when it comes to this particular standardized exam. In the United States alone, about 1,300 institutions either require or accept the GMAT as a part of their admissions process for business programs, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council. But this leaves an increasing number of institutions that are pursuing alternative criteria. Some schools are no longer requiring that students submit their scores, although if they want to they can, while others are waiving the requirement depending on the applicant, and some schools have even taken it off of their admissions criteria list entirely.

List of universities accepting with out gmat:

School Location Credits Cost Per Credit Total Tuition Accreditation Completion Time MBA Degrees & Concentrations Offered
Southeastern University Lakeland, Florida 36 $525 $18,900 SACS 10 months Generalist/Electives
Suffolk University Boston, Massachusetts 31 $1,251 $38,781 AACSB 10 months Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing
Ashworth College Norcross, Georgia 36 $259 $9,345 DETC 12 Months Generalist/Electives
Oklahoma Christian University Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 36 $460 $16,560 ACBSP 12 months Accounting, Leadership and Organizational Development, Electronic Business, Project Management, Health Services Management, Financial Services, International Business, Marketing, Human Resources
Plymouth State University Plymouth, New Hampshire 30 $588.00 $17,634 ACBSP 12 months Health Care Administration, General Management
Maryville University St. Louis County, Missouri 36 $625 $22,500 ACBSP/NCA 12 months Generalist, Accounting, Cybersecurity, Financial Services, Human Resources Management, Project Management, General Management, Health Care Practice Management, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management/Logistics, Marketing
Hope International University Fullerton, California 36 $690 $24,840 WASC 12 months Generalist/Electives, International Development, Marketing Management, Non-Profit Management
Saint Leo University Saint Leo, Florida 36 $695 $25,020 IACBE 12 months Generalist/Electives, Accounting, Healthcare Management, Marketing, Project Management, Sport Business, Social Media Analytics
Fontbonne University Clayton, Missouri 36 $703 $25,308 ACBSP 14 months Accounting, Management, Supply Chain Management
Southern New Hampshire University Hooksett, New Hampshire 36 $627 $22,572 NEASC/ACBSP 15 months International MBA (IMBA), Accounting, Athletic Administration, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Forensic Accounting, Healthcare Informatics, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Management, Internet Marketing, Justice Studies, Leadership, Marketing, Operations & Supply, Chain Management, Project Management, Quantitative Analysis, Six Sigma Quality, Social Media Marketing, Sport Management, Sustainability & Environmental Compliance, Workplace Conflict Management, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Accounting, Athletic Administration, Business Intelligence, Community Economic Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Forensic Accounting, Healthcare Informatics, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, Information Technology Management, Internet Marketing, Justice Studies, Leadership , Marketing, Music Business, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Public Administration, Quantitative Analysis, Six Sigma Quality, Social Media Marketing, Sport Management, Sustainability & Environmental Compliance, Workplace Conflict Management
Texas Women’s University Texas – Denton, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, and Plano 36 $567.84 $24,012 ACBSP 15 months Generalist/Electives
Ohio Dominican University Columbus, Ohio 36 $540 $19,440 ACBSP 16 months Leadership
King College Bristol, Tennessee 36 $600 $21,600 ACBSP 16 months Generalist/Electives, Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources, Marketing, Project Management
California Baptist University Riverside, California 36 $621 $22,000 ACBSP 16 months Generalist/Electives
College of St. Joseph in Vermont Rutland, Vermont 42 $550 $23,100 NEASC 16 months Generalist/Electives
Northwest Nazarene University Nampa, Idaho 42 $560 $23,520 ACBSP 16 months Finance, Global Business, Healthcare, Operations Management
Regent University Virginia Beach, Virginia 42 $650 $27,300 ACBSP 16 months Generalist/Electives, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Marketing
Fitchburg State University Fitchburg, Massachusetts 30 $362 $10,860 IACBE 17 months Management, Human Resources
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York 47 $1,490 $70,000 AACSB 17 months Executive MBA
Tarleton State University Stephenville, Texas 30 $212 $6,360 ACBSP 18 months Generalist/Electives
McKendree University Lebanon, Illinois 36 $470 $16,920 IACBE 18 months Generalist/Electives
Park University Parkville, Missouri 36 $480 $17,280 NCACS 18 months General, Finance, Healthcare/Health Services Management, International Business, and Management Information Systems.
Bryan College Dayton, Tennessee 36 $495 $17,820 IACBE 18 months Generalist/Electives, Human Resources, Marketing
United States University Chula Vista, California 36 $575 $20,700 WASC 18 months Generalist/Electives
Missouri Baptist University St. Louis, Missouri 36 $588 $21,168 HLC/NCACS 18 months Generalist/Electives
Daniel Webster College Nashua, New Hampshire 36 $592 $21,312 ACBSP 18 months Management, Aviation
Nichols College Dudley, Massachusetts 36 $600 $21,600 NEASC 18 months Generalist/Electives, Finance, International Management, Marketing
Cardinal Stritch University Milwaukee, Wisconsin 36 $625 $22,500 ACBSP 18 months Generalist/Electives
Spring Arbor University Spring Arbor, Michigan 36 $633 $22,788 HLC/NCACS 18 months Generalist/Electives, Finance, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Strategic Leadership
Webster University Webster Groves, Missouri 36 $695 $25,020 ACBSP 18 months Business and Organizational Security Management, Decision Support Systems, Environmental Management, Finance, Gerontology, Human Resources Development, Human Resources Management, Information Technology Management, International Relations, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Media Communications, Procurement and Acquisitions Management, Web Services
Franklin Pierce University Rindge, New Hampshire 40 $645 $25,800 NEASC 18 months Energy & Sustainability Studies, Health Administration, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Leadership, Sports Management
University of Northwestern Ohio Lima, Ohio 48 $550 $26,400 ACBSP 18 months Generalist/Electives
George Mason University Fairfax, Virginia 48 $635 $30,480 AACSB 18 months Global EMBA, National Defense EMBA
Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale, Florida 39 $777 $31,820 IACBE 18 Months Business Intelligence/Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Management, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Process Improvement, Sales Management, Sport Revenue Generation, Supply Chain Management
Florida International University Miami, Florida 44 $880.86 $37,000 AACSB 18 months Generalis/Electives (Corporate MBA)
Howard University Washington, DC 54 $1,488 $62,500 AACSB 18 months Executive MBA
Bethel University McKenzie, Tennessee 36 $550 $19,800 SACS 19 months Generalist/Electives, Academic Practitioner, Executive, Information Technology, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Information, Human Resources
Southwestern College Professional Studies Winfield, Kansas 30 $602 $18,060 HLC/NCACS 20 months Generalist/Electives, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology
University of Mary Bismarck, North Dakota 33 $550 $18,150 IACBE 20 months Generalist/Electives, Executive, Energy Management, Healthcare, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Public Administration
Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 48 $1,296.29 $62,208 AACSB 20 months Generalist/Electives
Babson College Babson Park, Massachusetts 46 $1,654.34 $76,100 AACSB 21 months Fastrack MBA
USC Marshall School of Business Los Angeles, California 51 $2,412 $123,000 AACSB 21 months General/Executive
University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois $127,960 AACSB, NCACS 21 months accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, general management, health care administration, international business, marketing, management information systems, production/operations management, organizational behavior, public policy, and quantitative analysis/statistics and operations research
Oklahoma Wesleyan University Bartlesville, Oklahoma 36 $499 $17,964 IACBE 22 months Finance, Human Resources, Marketing
Southern Nazarene University Bethany, Oklahoma 40 $696 $27,840 ACBSP 22 months Generalist/Electives, Healthcare MBA
Cameron University Lawton, Oklahoma 33 $285 $9,405 ACBSP 24 months Generalist/Electives
Prairie View A&M; University Prairie View, Texas 36 $297 $10,692 AACSB 24 months Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management Information Systems
Grantham University Kansas City, Missouri 36 $325 $11,700 DETC 24 months Information Management, Project Management
California National University for Advanced Studies Los Angeles, California 36 $330 $11,880 DETC 24 months Generalist/Electives
Columbia College Columbia, Missouri 36 $375 $13,500 HLC/NCACS 24 months Accounting, Human Resource Management
American Public University Charles Town, West Virginia 39 $350 $13,650 ACBSP 24 Months 13 Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Business Management, Homeland Security Resource Allocation, Information Technology Management, Marketing, Nonprofit Management
University of Louisiana at Monroe Monroe, Louisiana 30 $506.50 $15,195 AACSB 24 Months General
Wilmington University New Castle, Delaware 36 $444 $15,984 IACBE 24 months Accounting, Environmental Sustainability, Finance, Health Care Administration, Homeland Security, Management Information Systems, Marketing Management, Organizational Leadership
North Greenville University Tigerville, South Carolina 36 $450 $16,200 SACS 24 months Generalist/Electives
Oklahoma Baptist University Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 36 $450 $16,200 ACBSP 24 months Generalist/Electives
California InterContinental University Diamond Bar, California 45 $395 $17,775 DETC 24 months Finance, Healthcare Management and Leadership, International Management and Marketing, Information Systems and Knowledge Management, Organizational Development and Human Resource Management, Project and Quality Management
Mount Vernon Nazarene University Mount Vernon, Ohio 36 $498 $17,928 ACBSP 24 months Finance, Human Resource Management, Health Care Administration, Organizational Management
Bellevue University Bellevue, Nebraska 36 $525 $18,900 IACBE 24 months Generalist/Electives, Accounting, Acquisition and Contract Management, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching, Finance, Healthcare, Human Capital Management, Human Resources, Information Security, International Management, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Taxation
University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming 30 $640 $19,200 AACSB 24 months Executive MBA
Liberty University Lynchburg, Virginia 36 $540 $19,440 ACBSP 24 months Generalist/Electives, Generalist/Electives, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Public Administration, Public Relations
St. Joseph’s College Standish, Maine 42 $475 $19,950 NEASC 24 months Leadership MBA
National American University Rapid City, South Dakota 54 $390 $21,060 HLC/NCACS 24 months Accounting, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, Management, International Business, E-Marketing
Friends University Wichita, Kansas 31 $681 $21,111 ACBSP 24 months Generalist/Electives, Accounting, Business Analytics, Business Law, Healthcare Management, Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Baker College Online Multiple, Michigan 49 $435 $21,315 IACBE 24 months Accounting, Business Intelligence, Finance, General Business, Health Care, Human Resource, Leadership Studies, Marketing
Ashland University Ashland, Ohio 36 $602 $21,672 ACBSP 24 months Generalist/Electives
Ottawa University Ottawa, Kansas 36 $610 $21,960 ACBSP 24 months Generalist/Electives, School Business Operations, Population Health management, Leadership, Strategic Innovation
Indiana Wesleyan University Marion, Indiana 42 $550 $23,100 HLC/NCASC 24 months Generalist/Electives
Walsh College Troy, Michigan 42 $710 $23,751 IACBE 24 months Finance, Health Services Administration, Human Resources, Information Assurance, Marketing
Hodges University Naples, Florida 36 $660 $23,760 IACBE 24 months Generalist/Electives, Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing
LeTourneau University Longview, Texas 35 $710 $24,850 IACBE 24 months Generalist/Electives
Tiffin University Tiffin, Ohio 36 $700 $25,200 ACBSP 24 months Finance, General Management, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Sport Management
Grand Canyon University Phoenix, Arizona / National Locations 46 $560 $25,760 ACBSP 24 months Generalist/Electives, EMBA, Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Leadership (Dual Degree), Accounting, Finance, Health Systems Management, Leadership, Marketing, Strategic Human Resource Management
University of Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona / National Locations 36 $740 $26,640 ACBSP 24 months Accounting, Energy Management, Global Management, Health Care Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Project Management, Technology Management
Auburn University Auburn, Alabama 36 $805 $28,980 AACSB, SACS 24 months Finance, Marketing, Management, Information Systems, Supply Chain and Business Analytics
Washington State University Pullman, Washington 39 $750 $29,250 AACSB 24 months Generalist/Electives with an entrepreneurship emphasis.
Texas A&M; University-Commerce Commerce, Texas 48 $625 $30,000 AACSB 24 months Generalist/Electives
City University of Seattle Seattle, Washington 48 $633 $30,384 ACBSP 24 months Accounting, Change Leadership, Finance, Global Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Practicum, Project Management, Sustainable Business, and Technology Management
University of Baltimore Baltimore, Maryland 36 $900 $32,400 AACSB 24 months Generalist/Electives, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Care Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership and Organizational Learning, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Public Sector Management
Walden University Minneapolis, Minnesota 36 $920 $33,120 ACBSP 24 months Generalist/Electives, Accounting for Managers, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, Healthcare System Improvement, Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Risk Management, Strategies for Sustainability, Technology Management
University of Scranton Scranton, Pennsylvania 36 $965 $34,740 AACSB 24 months Generalist/Electives, Enterprise Resource Planning, Healthcare Management, Operations Management
Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado 40 $870 $34,800 AACSB 24 months Finance, Computer Information systems, Federal Financial Management, Marketing
Southern Illinois University Carbondale Carbondale, Illinois 45 $778 $35,000 AACSB 24 months Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing
University of Houston-Victoria Victoria, Texas 48 $731 $35,088 AACSB 24 months Global MBA, Strategic MBA
Kettering University Flint, Michigan 48 $742 $35,616 ACBSP 24 months Generalist/Electives, Leadership, Healthcare Systems, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Technology Management, and Engineering concentrations in Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Design, Healthcare Systems Engineering, and Power Electronics & Machine Drives
Ohio University Athens, Ohio 35 $1,023 $35,805 AACSB 24 months Generalist/Electives
Lawrence Technological University Southfield, Michigan 36 $1,050 $37,800 IACBE / ACBSP 24 months Nonprofit Management, Project Management, Information Technology
Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 51 $1,137.25 $58,000 AACSB 24 months Generalist/Electives, Healthcare Management
Northeastern University Boston, Massachusetts 50 $1,345 $67,250 AACSB 24 months Finance, Healthcare Management, High Technology Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, International Management, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Sustainability
Syracuse University Syracuse, New York 54 $1,249 $67,446 AACSB 24 months Generalist/Electives
West Virginia University Morgantown, West Virginia 48 $1,493 $71,664 AACSB 24 months Executive MBA
Hofstra University Hempstead, New York 48 $1,517 $72,800 AACSB 24 months Strategic Business Management, Strategic Healthcare Management
George Washington University Washington, DC 54.5 $1,420 $74,550 AACSB 24 months Generalist/Elective, Also offers Healthcare MBA
New York University-Stern New York City, New York 60 $2,124 $127,440 AACSB 24 months General Management/Specializations
Western Governors University Salt Lake City, Utah 33 $394* $13,000* DETC 24 months Generalist/Electives, Healthcare, Information Technology
Lewis University Romeoville, Illinois 30 $795 $23,850 NCACS/THLC 24 months or less Generalist, Business Analytics, Finance, Project Management
Concordia University Wisconsin Mequon, Wisconsin 39 $640 $24,960 IACBE 26 months Corporate Communication, Environmental Studies, Health Care Administration, International Business, Management Information Systems, Public Administration, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing Risk Management
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Amherst, Massachusetts 39 $750 $29,250 AACSB 27 months Generalist/Electives
University of St. Thomas Minneapolis, Minnesota 54 $1,180 $63,720 AACSB 27 months Health Care Management
East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina 60 $1,071 $64,260 AACSB 30 Months Generalist/Electives
Chadron State College Chadron, Nebraska 36 $307.50 $11,070 ACBSP 36 months Generalist/Electives
Strayer University Baltimore, Maryland 54 $616 $30,330 ACBSP 54 months Accounting, Acquisition, Finance, Health Services Administration, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Professional Studies, Project Management, Public Administration
Excelsior College Albany, New York 33 $749.00 $24,720 MSCHE, AACSB 8 Months Health Care Management

Prioritizing Other Factors Over the GMAT

Along with the business schools that are no longer accepting the GMAT, there are also many choosing to waiver the GMAT for certain applicants depending on factors such as undergraduate GPA or work experience. Some schools are also waiving the GMAT requirement for applicants with GRE scores and others are actually beginning to accept them in the place of GMAT scores. This is because admissions are trying to encourage the not-so-typical student to pursue a business education as there is an apparent need for a more diverse applicant pool. The Graduate Record Examination is the standardized test that those applying to traditional graduate school are required to take. It gives the admissions department insight into applicants’ reasoning, analytical, and critical-thinking skills. And similar to the GMAT, the GRE evaluates academic abilities such as analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

OnlineMBA Guide: Getting Into a Program with the GMAT

Schools Without the GMAT

The U.S. News and World Report recently published a list of the schools that are accepting GRE for admission into their MBA programs. The list includes many top ranked institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, New York University, Yale University, Duke University, and even the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

There are several business schools that are beginning to remove the GMAT from admission criteria because of the belief that it might not the best indication of applicants’ strengths. When it comes to more experienced professionals who have been working longer some schools are requiring that they enroll in a review course to sharpen up their quantitative skills rather than making them go through the GMAT testing process. Some types of MBA programs such as the EMBA have applicants with over a decade of professional business experience. In this case more business schools are arguing that a GMAT score is not the best indicator of an applicant’s abilities as are their career accomplishments and work experience in executive positions.

no gmat
no gmat

What Not Taking the GMAT Means for You

Not taking the GMAT can affect students in several ways. First, it can severely limit the number of business school they are eligible to apply for. While many schools are also accepting the GRE and others are forgoing the GMAT entirely, this standardized examination still remains one of the most commonly used criteria in which to determine aptitude for business management education.

Second, just because some schools are GMAT optional doesn’t mean that not submitting scores is always the best option. When it comes to professional experience, those who have been working a substantial amount of time are going to have less to prove when it comes to their analytical and quantitative abilities. In other words, solid and extensive work experience is most likely going to outweigh a numerical score. This may also apply to applicants with a string of particularly lofty executive titles. If your resume is neither that long nor impressive, not taking the GMAT can hurt your chances of admittance as there will be little to go on concerning your aptitude, skills, and abilities. In short, a good GMAT score can help round out your application packet, verify your potential, and overall make you a more attractive candidate.

Whether public or private, there are many business schools that don’t find it necessary to assess MBA program applicants using their GMAT scores. According to Businessweek’s Business School Comparator, out of top ranked and top tier business schools in the United States there are four out of 30 full-time MBA programs that do not require the GMAT including the University of Michigan, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Yale University.

When it comes to online MBA programs, there are 11 out of 40 unranked schools that do not require the GMAT including Babson College, Syracuse University, Pace University, Colorado State University, Northeastern University, Saint Josephs University, University of St. Thomas, and The University of Scranton. Also included are a few institutions known for their outstanding offerings in online education such as DeVry University, Walden University, and Webster University.

Out of 190 schools with part-time MBA programs 15 do not require GMAT for admissions. Although this may seem like a small number, if you take a closer look you will find that each institution is quite reputable in its own right. There are various prestigious private institutions such as Loyola University Maryland, Sacred Heart University, Saint Xavier University, St. John Fisher College, and Washington University in St. Louis. Many well-known public institutions also do not require the GMAT for part-time programs including Purdue University, University of Michigan, Appalachian State University, Colorado State University, Ohio University, University of New Mexico, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Also included are several universities that are known for distance education such as the University of Maryland University College, Webster University, and Devry University.

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