What Are the Benefits of Going to an AACSB Accredited School?

Now that you know the purpose behind the AACSB and its accreditation process, you may be wondering what the benefits of going to an AACSB-accredited school may be. The importance of choosing a school that is accredited and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education is well-known. However, it is just as important, especially in terms of a higher degree, to choose the right kind of accreditation. When considering a step forward in education as significant as an MBA, it is of utmost importance to choose the best possible program for your needs and make sure that the program will be recognized as valuable to others, as well. This can be especially daunting when investigating online MBA degrees, because these types of programs are still new within both academic and popular culture. An AACSB online MBA programs, however, are distinctive in the peace of mind that they afford to both business students and employers.


Well-Recognized Standards

The most significant benefit to attending an AACSB accredited school is the peace of mind that comes with AACSB accreditation. It is commonly understood in the business industry that AACSB accreditation is one of the most selective and rigorous types of evaluation for business schools in the world. The AACSB has been providing accreditation to a select amount of business schools since 1919, and the founding members of the organization include some of the most reputable colleges and universities in the United States. Today, 620 member institutions hold AACSB Accreditation, and AACSB-accredited schools represent 38 countries worldwide, according to Aacsb.edu. Students can find many General MBAs with AACSB-accreditation and a variety of specialized programs, such as the AACSB online MBA in Real Estate through Florida University or the AACSB online MBA in Health Services Management through SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica.

The AACSB evaluates business programs according to the highest standards of quality, and examines all aspects of a school’s academic program, from teaching, curriculum, and student learning to institutional development, global awareness and academic research quality. The standards are strict, and, according to Bestbizschools.com, 86% of AACSB-accredited schools say that the standards for AACSB accreditation were the most stringent compared to other accreditations they hold. Accreditation with the AACSB is an extensive process and lasts over two years. Member schools of the AACSB must apply for accreditation, and, if accepted into the accreditation process, they must develop a plan to align academic standards with the educational standards of the AACSB. Then, schools will go through a process of self-evaluation and on-site evaluation. Accreditation must be reviewed every five years and involves just as extensive a process.

Quality Academics

Not only does an AASCB online MBA hold the distinction of having passed a highly selective accreditation process, the academic regimens provided by schools with AACSB-accredited business programs truly are some of the best in the world. All legitimate schools in the United States must be accredited, but the difference between schools with institutional accreditation and those with AACSB accreditation is the fact that AACSB business schools have taken a step further to pursue a second, specialized accreditation applied only to a business management or accounting program. This means that AACSB schools have undergone quality evaluation twice over and have achieved the level of excellence required by the AACSB. In fact, according to Bestbizschools.com, AACSB schools claim the AACSB accreditation process to have significantly improved the quality of their business programs.

Quality Faculty

Additionally, the distinction of an AACSB accreditation allows schools to hire and retain the best professors and researchers, and AACSB online MBA programs will automatically have rectuited students that are more international, have better GPAs and are very likely to earn higher levels of education compared to students of business schools without AACSB accreditation. It is often the case that both students and employers worry that an online MBA program will not be up to par with the experience provided by a traditional school. However, by choosing an AACSB online MBA, students are assured that the online program will have been held to the same rigorous standards as any traditional program. In an interview with Newsweek Magazine, the AACSB reports that, “For many, the ‘online degree’ carries the stigma of having less work involved, or being ‘easy’ – but for any quality MBA program this should not be the case. Students are often surprised by the amount of non-classroom assignments required, such as group meet-up time for projects, time involved for blog-writing assignments, even time spent viewing or listening to lectures.”

Reputation Value

Along with the high-caliber academics demanded of AACSB online MBA programs comes a highly reputable degree and better job opportunity. According to Businessweek.com, about 12,200 schools across the globe provide business degrees, but “fewer than 10 percent are accredited by AACSB or one of the other top accreditation agencies.” This means that AACSB graduates are few and far between and represent the cream of the crop when it comes to business education. When employers scan resumes and recruit potential employees, the best companies will always try to match themselves with graduates of the best schools. According to the AACSB, many of the top global corporations will only recruit from business schools that hold AACSB accreditation, and graduates with traditional or online AACSB MBAs are offered more competitive salaries. The AACBS also notes that many companies have studied the differences between employees who have attended AACSB-accredited business schools and those who have not. For instance, one company found that employees who were educated by non-AACSB-accredited business schools had lower levels of performance. Because of this, the organization now only reimburses tuition from AACSB-accredited business schools.

All quality online MBA programs should be accredited, but an AACSB online MBA will provide a degree program that is rigorously evaluated, of excellent academic caliber, and one of the most desirable forms of busines education in the world.

AACSB-Accredited Online MBAs:

  1. Ball State University
  2. Clarion University
  3. Colorado State University
  4. Columbus State University
  5. Drexel University
  6. Durham University
  7. East Carolina University
  8. East Tennessee State University
  9. Emporia State University
  10. Fayetteville State University – General MBA
  11. Florida Atlantic University
  12. Florida Gulf Coast University
  13. Florida State University
  14. Frostberg State University
  15. George Washington University
  16. Georgia College & State University
  17. Georgia Southern University
  18. Indiana University
  19. Kennesaw State University
  20. Marist College
  21. Mississippi State University
  22. Morehead State University
  23. Murray State University
  24. Northeastern University
  25. Oklahoma State University
  26. Open University
  27. Pennsylvania State University
  28. Portland State University
  29. Prairie View A&M University
  30. Quinnipiac University
  31. Robert Morris University
  32. Rochester Institutite of Technology
  33. Rowan University
  34. Saginaw Valley State University
  35. Saint Joseph’s University
  36. Shippensburg University
  37. Southeast Missouri State University
  38. Southern Arkansas University
  39. Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  40. SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica
  41. Temple University
  42. Texas A&M University – Commerce
  43. Thunderbird School of Global Management
  44. University of Baltimore and Towson University Joint Program
  45. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  46. University of Colorado at Denver
  47. University of Florida
  48. University of Houston – Clear Lake
  49. University of Houston – Victoria
  50. University of Michigan – Dearborn
  51. University of Michigan – Flint
  52. University of Nebraska – Lincoln
  53. University of North Dakota
  54. University of North Texas
  55. University of Scranton
  56. University of South Dakota
  57. University of Tennessee – Martin
  58. University of Texas – Arlington
  59. University of Texas at Dallas
  60. University of Texas – San Antonio
  61. University of Texas at Tyler
  62. University of Texas – Pan American
  63. University of Texas of the Permain Basin
  64. University of West Georgia
  65. University of Wisconsin
  66. University of Wyoming
  67. Valdosta State University
  68. Wayne State University
  69. West Chester University
  70. Western Kentucky University
  71. Western New England College

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